CHOQUEKIRAO, CHOQUEQUIRAO, CHOQEQUIRAU O CHOQUEKIRAW (Quechua: chuqi, gold and k'iraw, cradle, that is: "cradle of gold"), InKa city located at 3 030 masl. between the foothills of the snowy Salcantay, in the district of Santa Teresa, Province of La Convención, Department of Cuzco and southern Peru.


    Choquekirao is made up of buildings and terraces distributed in different levels, from the lowest level Sunch'u Pata to the highest peak (truncated), which was leveled and surrounded with stones to form a platform with an approximate area of ??150 m2.


    Choquekirao has one of the richest environments in biodiversity. All species have adapted despite climatic variations (sun during the day and inclement frost at night). In the visit you can see: condors, pumas, bears, deer, etc; as well as: ferns, straw and a variety of orchids.


    Choquekirao is known as the "Sister of Machu Picchu" because of the structural and architectural similarity. Choquekirao has aroused the interest of the Peruvian government to recover the complex and turn it into a more viable tourist alternative.




    DAY 1 (CUSCO - CACHORA - CHIQUISPA): We begin the tour in Cusco at 06:00 am; in one of our vehicles, to the town of Cachora (3 100 masl.). In this place we prepare properly for our walk; besides knowing our team: cooks and arrieros (horsemen). The first part of the hike goes along a gently sloping path, with views of the snow-capped Padrayoc (5 482 m.) And Wayna Cachora, on the way we will make a brief stop at the Capuliyoc Pass (2 900 m.) From where we will have a panoramic view of the Apurímac valley; then descend to reach Chiquisqa (1 930 masl). First camp (Lunch / Dinner).


    DAY 2 (CHIQUISCA - PLAYA ROSALINA - SUNCHUPATA): An early breakfast (05:00 am.); to continue with our walk to Rosalina beach (1 550 masl.) and then ascend the slope towards Santa Rosa (2 100 masl. - Lunch), this is the hardest part of the trek; then we ascend to Marampata (2 850 masl.), this part is softer, then we will walk in a soft trek towards to Sunchupata, here we will set up our camp (Breakfast / Lunch / dinner).


    DAY 3 (SUNCHUPATA - CHOQUEKIRAO - CHIQUISQA): After a nice breakfast we head to Choquekirao (01 hour walk) and the magnificent sunrise. We will visit the citadel of Coquekirao for approximately 03 hours, always accompanied by our guide who will explain about this important Inka city and its importance at that time; Later we will start the return to Sunchupata and descend to Rosalina beach, passing through Santa Rosa, then we will ascend to the town of Chiquisqa where we will camp. (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner).


    DAY 4 (CHIQUISQA - CAPULIYOC – CACHORA - CUSCO): After a fortifying breakfast (06:00 am.), we return until we reach the pass of Capuliyoc, and 02 hours later until the town of Cachora (soft way); arriving approximately at noon; then to the city of Cusco; Arriving in the afternoon.


    Note: During the walk you will have to carry the sleeping bag, mats and your personal belongings.



    1. Professional English / Spanish guide
    2. 03 breakfasts - 03 lunches - 03 dinners
    3. Camping equipment (tents and mattress)
    4. Entrance to Choquekirao
    5. Horses (Carrying: tents, food, kitchen equipment)
    6. Car transportation (Cusco - Cachora - Cusco)



    1. Sleeping bag
    2. Walking sticks
    3. First day breakfast and last day lunch



    1. Original passport
    2. Sleeping bag
    3. Walking sticks
    4. Comfortable clothes and swimsuit.
    5. Warm clothes (in case of cold)
    6. Raincoat (long poncho)
    7. Hat, wide-brimmed and sunglasses
    8. Sunscreen
    9. 50% DEET (insect repellent)
    10. Walking shoes and sandals
    11. Towel for the whole tour
    12. Medication and / or personal supplies
    13. Water bottle and plastic bags



    1. Walking sticks ($ 10 per couple)
    2. Additional carrier (60 $ max. 7 Kilos)
    3. Extra money for personal expenses