DAY 01 (CUSCO - CLOUD FOREST – PILCOPATA): An early morning meeting and star our trip from Cusco in one of our private vehicles, in the way we are going to visit the interesting archaeological site of Ninamarca (burial towers, commonly known as “Chullpas”). Continuing we are going to visit Paucartambo, an interesting picturesque colonial town (full of folklore). Then we continue to the Acjanacu pass (3600 masl.), which marks the beginning of the trip into Manu National park (spectacular view), then we descent through the Cloud Forest, The humidity of the area provides an ideal habitat for plants such as Orchids, ferns (oldest living plants) and bromeliads (epiphytic), mosses and lichens. In the fascinating Cloud Forest we can observe the Cock of the Rock (Peru's national bird), Quetzal and the Spectacled Bear. Many plants are endemic from this area. We have lunch on the way, then we arrive to our first and homely lodge “paraiso” near the town of Pilcopata (800 masl.).


    Day 02 (PILCOPATA - ATALAYA – ERIKA LODGE): After a delicious breakfast we continue our trip for another hour in our private vehicle, making stops to observe the interesting life of the area, then we are going to arrive to the village of Atalaya (Port), here we board our covered motor boat (canoe) in the Alto Madre de Dios river, going up river we will have the chance to do some swimming, then we go down the Alto Madre de Dios river for approximately 40 minutes to our private and comfortable lodge “Erika” where we will hike through the interesting trail system that “Peru Mysteries” offer to you, trying to find some types of monkeys, medicinal plants, etc.


    DAY 03 (ERIKA LODGE – BOCA MANU): After a different breakfast we leave Erika Lodge and continue our trip by river (by boat) going down the Alto Madre de Dios River for approximately 5 hours to the village of Boca Manu where is our “Boca Manu Lodge” during this way we will see different birds species typical of the river edge such as: kingfisher, swallow, flycatcher, Black Skimmer, Pied Lapwing, Jabiru, Stork, Capped Heron, and much more; Also we will have the chance to visit the native community of “Diamante”. The village of Boca Manu is located very close of the confluence of the rivers Manu and the Alto Madre de Dios. The idea of sleep here provides us the chance to start our trip in Manu River very early increasing our chances to find more wildlife. In Boca Manu there are some shops where you can buy additional supplies.


    DAY 04, TOP DAY (BOCA MANU – MANU RIVER - OTORONGO): After breakfast we are going to continue our trip this time in Manu River and start one of our top days. The boat ride provides us the chance to see an immensity of the rainforest, ten minutes by boat after Boca Manu, we will have the chance to visit a Parrots clay Lick (clay wall in the riverbank knowing as “Collpa”), where many species of parakeets and parrots such as the white-eyed parakeet, blue headed parrot, etc. goes to eat the clay that is rich in minerals and salts that those birds use as supplements of their diet of seeds and fruits. Then we continue to Limonal (check point), and after registering ourselves and the Park Rangers recommendations, we continue our trip in Manu River (Reserved area) for 5 hours approximately, having the chance to see an infinity of wildlife of this pristine place such as: caimans, capybaras, monkeys and probably the majestic “Jaguar”. We will arrive to the area of Otorongo Lake, where is our safari lodge (base camp) with all the facilities like: screened dining room, toilets and showers. After a short break in the camp, we will start to walk in the trail system of Otorongo, concentrating ourselves and having a general discuss about the ecology of the rain forest. Return to our campsite. Possibility to do a night walk, to feel and observe the jungle in the dark.


    DAY 05 TOP DAY (OTORONGO – SALVADOR - OTORONGO): An early wake up, to hear the Red Howler monkey (Aloatta seniculus) howling for a territory. With a pleasant temperature we are going to start our wildlife adventure. We are going to visit another lake in the reserved area “Salvador Lake”, and paddling a catamaran quietly along this lake, we will have the opportunity to see famous Giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis), having the chance to see them playing, swimming, fishing and eating; an many species of monkeys, birds, caimans and others. The visit of Salvador lake and its area is going to take us the whole morning. In the afternoon of this day we will continue walking and looking for more wildlife and learning more about the forest of this magic place. Return to the campsite. Possibility to do a night walk, to feel and observe the jungle in the dark.


    DAY 06 (OTORONGO – BOCA MANU): Another early wake up, and then enjoy walking to visit the observation tower of Otorongo, and having again the chance to observe more wildlife, then walk back again to the lodge to enjoy the breakfast and then get ready to go back again to Boca Manu, going down Manu River, arriving to Boca Manu lodge in the afternoon, where we are going to spend another night.


    DAY 07 (BOCA MANU - ERIKA LODGE): After a delicious  breakfast we are going to continue our trip in the Alto Madre de Dios River, upstream, back to Erika lodge, in the way we are going to have the chance to visit and enjoy some hot springs. Arriving to the lodge we will have the chance to enjoy the jungle one more time.


    DAY 08 (ERIKA LODGE - CUSCO): An early Waking up, 40 more minutes by boat to Atalaya, where our private vehicle is waiting for us to drive us back to Cusco, We have lunch on the way, arriving Cusco around dinner time. END OF OUR SERVICES…



    Canopy Zip Down Line: In our Lodge area, we will have the traverse from tree to tree and platform to platform using pulleys on horizontal traverse cables, enjoying and feeling the view and adrenaline, of the treetops of the tropical rainforest canopy.


    IMPORTANT: In order to solve better your question and provide you some advices the guide can meet you the previous night of the trip in our agency or in your hotel.



    • Specialized and bilingual guide
    • Private land and river transports
    • Entrances
    • First aid kit
    • 01 night in Paraiso Lodge
    • 02 nights in Erika Lodge
    • 02 night in Boca Manu Lodge
    • 02 night in Otorongo Campsite
    • Meals (vegetarian option available)
    • River equipment
    • Specialized guide for the Canopy Zip Down and required equipment
    • Mineral water
    • Rubber boots



    • First day breakfast and last day dinner
    • First day mineral water
    • Drinks such as sodas, wine or beers
    • Tips and souvenirs



    • Camera
    • Binoculars
    • Long sleeve shirts and long pants, swimming suit
    • Warm clothes (in case of cold front)
    • Waterproof rain gear (long poncho)
    • Wide brim hat and sun glasses for sunny days
    • A 50% DEET Insect repellent (at least)
    • Sunscreen lotion
    • Hiking shoes and sandals
    • Flashlight, enough batteries
    • Towel for all the tour
    • Personal medication and/or supplies
    • Back pack or duffel bag plus a day pack
    • One bottle of water for the first day, plastic bags



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