In Inka times there was a large network of roads called Qhapaq Ñan, these roads linked the territories of the rugged Andean geography of the Inca Civilization, to cross these vast territories Hanging Bridges made of vegetable fiber were built, this complex technology has been transmitted from generation generation in the Qeswachaca area and there is a single bridge that is renewed annually with the same ancestral technique until today and for more than 500 years, linking the past with the future.


    Located on the Apurímac River at 3700 meters above sea level, Q'eswachaka is the last Inka Hanging Bridge, where every year more than 1000 people from the four nearby communities gather to renew their ancient structures, this ancient ritual of reconstruction It was recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013. Crossing it is like going back in time.




    CUSCO - INKA BRIDGE OF Q’ESWACHAKA - CIRCUIT OF THE 4 LAGOONS - CUSCO: We will start our adventure from 4:00 in the morning with the pick up of our passengers from their corresponding Hotels; At 5:00 am once the whole group is concentrated, we will begin our tour in our tourist transport. On our tour we will see some places in the south of Cusco. Our first stop will be in Combapata, where we will stop to use the toilet facilities. Then we resume our tour towards the Combapata viewpoint. Continuing with the tour we will pass through the Yanaoca district (one of the eight districts of the Canas province in Cusco). Then we will continue our tour by car for one more hour and we will arrive at the Q’ewe district, where the famous Inka bridge of “Q’eswachaka” is located, which is built with vegetable fiber and has a length of 28.67 meters.


    The surprising thing is that it is rebuilt once a year in the month of June by four local communities, in this place we will have time to explore Q'eswachaka and the surrounding area, while your guide will tell you the history of this work and the impressive Inka engineering.


    After visiting the Q´eswachaka bridge we will return to Combapata to enjoy our lunch, after lunch we will take a walk until we reach the Combapata viewpoint where we will appreciate the Lagunas de: Pampamarca and Asnacqocha, then we will go to another point of a viewpoint where we will appreciate the Acopía and Pomacanchi lagoons observing a large amount of regional flora and fauna and experiencing an enriched Andean culture. After completing the circuit of the 4 lagoons we will return to finally reach Cusco in our tourist transport for an average of 2 hours, arriving approximately between 4:30 and 5:00 pm.


    Note: We recommend that you take only what is necessary to enjoy your tour and leave the rest of your things at the hotel.



    1. Professional guide
    2. Tourist transport (pick up from hotel)
    3. Breakfast and lunch (vegetarian options available)
    4. First aid kit (including emergency oxygen balloon)



    1. Income to the Q´eswachaka Bridge
    2. Dinner
    3. Tips and Souvenirs



    1. Comfortable clothes for walking
    2. A bottle / canteen with water minimum one liter
    3. Camera and enough batteries
    4. Items to protect yourself from the sun (sunglasses, hat or sun hats).
    5. Snack (energy bars, dried fruit, chocolates, etc.)
    6. Extra cash, for your personal expenses


    PRICE: S/ 150.00 or US$ 50.00 PER PERSON (Group discount)